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Have you found yourself in a situation that will require some investigative work to make everything clear? Do you need assistance in cracking a serious criminal case? Are you looking for a private investigator in Atlanta, GA? In that case, you can always turn to Bullseye Protective Services LLC, the detective agency you can trust.

Our Private Investigation Services

We offer investigation services and specialize in executive protection, legal services, process serving, private eye work, and skip tracing. We also offer self-defense classes, firearms training, and surveillance systems for sale with timely and affordable installations. Call us to learn more.

Private Investigator

About Our Private Investigator

We are entirely customer-oriented and fully authorized to provide the process service and assistance with your investigation. Each reliable investigator on our team is an insured representative who is at the ready to assist you in solving your civil or criminal case. We work with our clients over the phone or arrange meetings where we keep track of the entire case process. We use our connections, vast knowledge, and impeccable technique to quickly solve the different cases to which we are assigned.

Why/When you need our Detective Agency

There have been recent news from the FBI Crime Statistics indicating that a violent crime occurs every 22 seconds, a forcible rape every five minutes, an aggravated assault every 29 seconds, and much more. With this in mind, there are various diverse situations where hiring a licensed, experienced and bonded investigative service provider such as our company in Atlanta, GA would certainly be beneficial for your case. In addition to our skills as investigations, working with us is inexpensive opportunity to crack your case, or gain a clearer picture to ensure your peace of mind.

Contact our agency and make an appointment with our investigation team. Available by appointment, we await your calls where you can learn more about the services Bullseye Protective Services LLC offers. We look forward to hearing you. Give us a call today!

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Client’s Testimonial

by Danielle Alexander on Bullseye Protective Services LLC
Thank You

Being assaulted in my home was the worse thing that could happen, especially to a father of two girls. I thank you for helping me catch the person, and I will make sure the authorities give him what he deserves. I will certainly recommend your services.

Mike Dixon
Mike Dixon
From the hundreds investigation services in Atlanta I called to Bullseye Protective Services LLC and they made the work well! Thanks a lot for all!
Billy Theris
Billy Theris
I needed a process server so I made a bit of a research and called Bullseye. Todd was very professional, no pressure, told me his rate for expedited service. I got the job done on the first attempt. Very pleasant to work with.

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Address: , Atlanta, GA 30301
Phone: (404) 644-7414

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