Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the leading private investigation agencies in Atlanta, GA, we are contacted by potential clients daily who wish to ask us questions about our work and services. At Bullseye Protective Services LLC, we are always prepared to answer different inquiries because we want our clients to be well-informed about us before they choose to request our assistance. Listed down below are the most common questions we are asked and their answers.

What Is Your Experience?

We established our detective agency in 1997 and for over two decades we have been at the service of local residents and businesses. We are prepared to use our expertise and skills to help our clients get the answers that they are looking for during difficult situations.

Who Will Handle My Investigation?

At Bullseye Protective Services LLC, we have a team of competent and experienced investigators who are well-acquainted with the state body of laws. Our technicians will listen to the details of your case and take care of it so that you can have the information that you desire.

Who Hires a Private Investigator?

Since we opened doors, we have worked with attorneys, individuals, and businesses who needed help with their cases, personal matters, and business affairs.

What Does an Investigator Do?

As a private investigator, we can check backgrounds, conduct surveillance on individuals and places, and investigate different cases where people need evidence or information.

What Are Your Legal Limitations?

Private investigators have no arrest powers. Also, they aren’t allowed to hack personal or business devices, as well as social media accounts or email accounts. Finally, they cannot enter a property or videotape a subject or the interior of a property due to privacy expectations.

Are You Licensed?

Like any reputable private investigation agency, we have undergone the procedure of getting a license from the state. Also, we are insured and bonded because we are dependable professionals who leave nothing to chance.

Do You Do Process Serving?

Yes, we do. Our investigator can find the defendant of your claim and hand him the legal documents about the case. We can also retrieve documents and assist with the filing of court papers.

Do You Offer Executive Protection?

Yes, we specialize in EP. We can ensure your safety in case you are worried about your well-being by assessing the risk and making the appropriate measures.

Do You Offer Surveillance Systems?

Yes, we do. We can offer our clients different types of surveillance systems from all generations. Whether you need cameras to monitor your home or motion sensors to alert you in the event of breaking and entry, we are the company that you should turn to. Also, we can help you with the installation of your surveillance system so that there are no blind spots or malfunctions that can compromise your safety and the integrity of your property.

Do You Offer Estimates?

Yes, and they are free. You can see beforehand the cost of our services in Atlanta, GA by requesting a personalized quote. You can do that by either calling us or filling the online form on our website.

Now that you know more about us, call us at (404) 644-7414 now to schedule an appointment and hire us as your private investigator. We can find you the answers that you are looking for!

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