Hiring a Private Investigation Service to Find a Missing Person

Skip Tracing Tips to Help You Locate a Missing Person

We’ve all occasionally entered the name of someone we used to know into the search bar on Facebook or Instagram to see what they are doing now. While generally risk-free, what if you needed to locate that person? They might have left town because of a debt, they might need to be reached for a significant legal issue, or who knows? They might be a long-lost relative of yours.

Finding a person’s whereabouts is the process known as skip tracing. Finding someone can be challenging because there are so many online options available.

Skip tracing can be done independently, but it can be time-consuming, with dead ends and unreliable findings. Using a private investigation service, they can track down those who don’t want to be tracked. With their many years of expertise and cutting-edge methods, they can quickly provide you with detailed findings.

What are some skip-tracing strategies, then? Try using these three suggestions as a starting point for your search.

Have a Plan

Finding a missing individual will be more complex than typing a name into a search bar and pressing Enter. Start by determining the most recent details you are aware of about them, such as their name or address. Make sure the information is spelled correctly. Make sure you have a few search options open in case your original search does not yield the best outcomes or specific information.

Start Broad

You can locate people using a ton of free web resources. Use them to the best of your ability, such as by utilizing punctuation in the Google search field to limit your search results. Try searching for leads on other databases, such as white pages or websites dedicated to genealogy.

Verify Your Results

Once you’ve located a lead—possibly even the individual you were looking for—double-check your findings using the other databases you were using. Precision is essential, particularly when making the first contact or mailing a message.

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