Knowing the Limits of a Private Investigator

When You Know, You’ll Know

When hiring a private investigator, you need to be sure that they can offer you what you are looking for. Like any other profession, they have their limitations placed by law to protect the rights of other people. Before you find out what you want to find out, you have to know first if your investigator can do it:

Impersonate Law Officers

Your investigator cannot pretend to be a law officer to get access to the information you want. This is against the law and would also hold you liable. You need to know that you cannot let your investigator do this.

Trespass or Break the Law

Trespassing is not allowed, no matter who or what the person you want to be followed is doing, your investigator cannot cross the line. When they are inside a property and be asked to leave, they should do so without complaint.

Wiretap a Phone Without Consent

This is probably one of the most important things to know. Unlike the movies, your private investigator cannot wiretap a phone as this goes against the privacy rights of an individual. Every person has this right, even those you think are bad people that need to be caught.

Film a Subject Through a Window

This is also one of the misleading things you see in the movies. Where investigators film a cheating husband’s affair through the window of a private home. This is illegal and should not mislead you into thinking you are allowed to do this.

Make sure you do not cause trouble when hiring a private investigator for whatever information you might need to get in Atlanta, GA. No person is above the law, so make sure to hire a trusted and licensed investigator like Bullseye Protective Services LLC who will not get you into trouble. Hire our services today by calling us today at (404) 644-7414.