Not All Private Investigators Are the Same

What Are the Different Private Investigation Jobs?

There are various kinds of private investigation jobs available to people that are either trained or experienced or are wanting to find an apprenticeship in order to gain the experience needed to become a certified private investigator. Private investigators are not what they are portrayed on the television show, real ones work for clients in various different industries.

Marital investigators take on cases of infidelity. This is when one spouse thinks their partner is being unfaithful, and will hire a marital investigator to conduct different forms of surveillance, and will gather evidence, and compile an in-depth report on whether any wrongdoing is occurring. Marital investigators will provide a sliding payment rate for their clients, although other private investigators will often not do this.

One of the faster-growing private investigation jobs is with corporate investigations. These type of investigators will spend most of their time tracking employees for suspected wrongdoing, abuse of company perks, or taking advantage of sick time. The investigator could also be hired to do background checks on potential candidates or to obtain intelligence on products or operations of other similar rival companies.

Computer forensic investigators are considered one of the most sought after kinds of investigator jobs. This field does call for extensive experience to access and analyze both computer hardware and software. This job, however, does differ from other types of investigator jobs, as there is usually less field work to do. And most of the work of a computer forensic specialist is performed in either a controlled workroom or a laboratory.

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