What’s Involved in a Private Investigation

How Much Does a Private Investigator Look Into

The responsibilities of a private investigator vary, depending on what is being asked to look into. A private investigation does have its limitations though and a private investigator is only an extension of the police if tasked to do work for them. A lot of different firms will specialize in one area and others specialize in all. In most investigations, these are the main responsibilities of an investigator:


This is one of the common types of services a firm can offer. This is the simple tracing of a person that is hiding or avoiding authorities. This can also be for someone who has gone into hiding and is needed for a particular case as a witness.

Electronic countermeasures

Usually, investigators under this field of specialty are good with tech and have a background in IT or computers which makes it easier for them to navigate through electronic surveillance. A service typically conducted with a small number of lawn enforcement entities who deal with the covert installation of devices to help with crime, terrorism, and narco-trafficking investigations.

Corporate investigators

These types of private investigators specialize in matters of the corporate world. This would include anti-fraud work, internal investigations of employee misconduct, for example, a claim of violations and sexual harassment, or loss prevention. This can also include protection of intellectual property, antipiracy, trade secrets, and copyright infringement investigations. Extensively, this could also include work on cybercriminal activity and computer forensics.

You can do a lot and find a lot with a private investigation in Atlanta, GA, although breaking the law to get this information is illegal. If you need help to find the information you need but are unable to get yourself, hire Bullseye Protective Services LLC. We have been in this industry for 22 years and can assure you if our private investigator is on it, you will get an answer to your questions. Call us today at (404) 644-7414.

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